Silverfir Consulting

Silverfir Consulting is an advisory, consulting and education firm that specializes in Business Process Management,
Business Architecture, Process Innovation and Performance Management and is helping organizations globally implement these concepts
and methods to gain significant advantage in their operations and help achieve business outcomes.

Our Holistic BPM Framework

Silverfir Consulting has developed the ‘Holistic BPM Framework’ to aid organizations manage their
business processes in a way that help them establish a robust foundation to survive the onslaught
of internal and external changes and achieve their business goals and objectives.

The need of the hour today is to have a robust organization foundation that can survive the onslaught of changing customer demands, cut throat competition, disruptive technological innovations and continue to produce customer appealing and revenue generating products and services in the short and long term.

Business Process Management as a discipline can help achieve this. BPM not only ensures that the strategy is aptly translated into process design but also ensures that the right performance measures are in place to monitor execution, the right controls are in place to mitigate risks, there is an adequate governance system implemented and lastly that the processes continuously evolve/improve.

Having the Process mindset in your organization and implementing the few BPM principles that you really need can strengthen your foundation and set you up on a growth trajectory.

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