Holistic BPM Framework

Silverfir Consulting has developed the ‘Holistic BPM Framework’ to aid organizations manage their business processes in a way that help them establish a robust foundation to survive the onslaught of internal and external changes and achieve their business goals and objectives.

We have attempted to define the ‘Business Process Management’ discipline from a broader perspective, one that encompasses all the aspects a business ought to think about and implement for a well rounded Process Management System implementation.

The ‘Holistic BPM Framework’ consists of twelve tenets. Four of the twelve are Enterprise level tenets and the rest eight are Process Level tenets. The twelve tenets together effect a well managed and holistic BPM implementation. However, organizations at different levels, namely, Large, Medium, Small and the Startups may not necessarily implement all the twelve tenets. They can implement those tenets that are crucial to them achieving their business goals at the moment and draw up a roadmap/ journey to build on to the initial successes by implementing additional tenets subsequently.

Process Strategy

Definition of the Vision, goals and strategy, operating model and needed capabilities for the process and roadmap to achieve the same


A fit-to-purpose and forward thinking process design capable of achieving process goals and objectives

Process Implementation
and Automation

Implement the process right (manual or automated), navigate the change, improve efficiencies, realize benefits

Process Improvement & Innovation

Gallop forward on a continuous improvement trajectory with implementation of the continuous improvement system

Process Governance

Layers of Governance – Strategic, Tactical and Operational to ensure accountability and flawless execution and monitor performance

Process Quality Assurance

Monitor if you are executing the process as desired or are there many deviations?

Process Risks and Controls Management

Safeguard yourself from internal and external risks with the right set of controls

Process Performance Management

Metrics or a value tree and the ongoing Performance Management system to ensure the process is achieving its targets

Enterprise Process Framework

Single enterprise process framework that acts as a pivotal framework for everything related to process


A central body that sets the Process Management vision and standards for the organization and governs progress on the BPM implementation in the organization

Process Architecture

A single source of truth of processes with the process details and interdependencies/ handoffs between various organizational processes

Process Organization

A governing organization accountable for ensuring that each organizational process is defined, operated and managed in a way that it achieves the set process goals and objectives