• The Process Imperative to Policies

    Very often, process management professionals tend to focus their efforts on improvements to Business processes and procedures. While it is important and of course the intrinsic part of the role of a Process practitioner to do that, there is one more integral part of the organization design that Process practitioners can contribute to. And that is the “Policy”. Here I am referring to all organizational policies, they could be Human Resource policies or Procurement policies or Information Security policies or any other.   

  • Excellence

    "Excellence" is widely talked about in each organization. Some organizations have"Excellence" as one of their values, others try to include it in their goal setting process. Leadership and HR departments of organizations prod employees into giving their best in the work they do. Or better still ask them to deliver to exceed or significantly exceed expectations. But whose prime role it is to ensure "Excellence" implementation in the organization? Or is it that one and all in the organization are responsible for it?

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